Time and Chronology in Creation Narratives

Conference 7th-9th June 2018


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Bydd y papurau yn cael eu cyflwyno yn Saesneg.


Dydd Iau 7fed Mehefin


10 yb – cofrestru yn agor


1.30-3.30 yp – Panel 1: Defnydd o Amser yn Myth Amser


Ruth Parkes – The Movement of Time in Claudian (crynodeb)

Jeffrey Ulrich – Cyclical Time and the Returning Golden Age on Roman Imperial Coinage (crynodeb)

Catherine Rozier – Chronology and Identity: Hesiod’s Myth of the Races (crynodeb)


4-5.30 yp – Panel 2: Ymgorffori Amser


Maria Pavlou – Time in the foundation myths of Pindar’s Olympian 10 and Pythian 4. (crynodeb)

Giorgio Campi – Chronos Apeiros: Zurvān and Zurvanism in pre-Sasanian Greek sources (crynodeb)


5.30-6.30 yp – Derbyniad



Dydd Gwener 8fed Mehefin


9-10.30 yb – Panel 3: Amser mewn Hanesion Orffaidd am y Creu


Fiona Mitchell – Bodies as a Measures of Time in the Orphic Theogonies (crynodeb)

Anna Furlan – The (Re)creative Figure of the Orphic Zeus (crynodeb)


10.30-11 yb – Te a Choffi


11 yb-1 yp – Panel 4: Athroniaethh Groeg a Chylch Amser


Christopher Star – The Greeks Are Always Young: Catastrophe and Chronology in Plato’s Late Dialogues (crynodeb)

Chiara Ferella – The Chronography of Empedocles’ Cosmic Cycle (crynodeb)

Ondrej Krasa – Time and Creation in the Timaeus (crynodeb)


1-2 yp – Cinio


2-4 yp – Panel 5: Amser Hanesion Creu y Dwyrain Agos Hynafol


Ivo Martins – Creation and Recreation: Linear and Cyclical time in Akkadian texts from the First Millennium B.C.E. (crynodeb)

Irene Plantholt – A Life Divine. Deities and Their Course of Life in Ancient Mesopotamian Creation Narratives (crynodeb)

Gina Konstantopoulos – The Shifting Topographies of Time in Mesopotamian Myth (crynodeb)


7 yp – Cinio Cynadledda



Dydd Sadwrn 9fed Mehefin


9-10.30 yb – Panel 6: Amser yn Hanesion Creu y Groeg Hynafol ac India


Nick Allen – Rotation and temporality in some Indo-European mythologies (crynodeb)

David Hodgekinson – Time, the Ages and Human Action: A Comparison of the Greco-Roman and Indian Approaches (crynodeb)


10.30-11 yb – Te a Choffi


11 yb-1 yp – Panel 7: Amser a Dechreuadau mewn Testunau Iddewig a Christnogol


David Worsley – The Fall of Lucifer and the Beginning of Time (crynodeb)

Yontan Finegold – The Conceptual Frameworks the Biblical Creation Myths Set Forth (crynodeb)

Andrew Hopkins – Modifying Moses: The Demise of 19th Century Attempts to Harmonise the Genesis Creation Narrative with Geological Time and Chronology (crynodeb)

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